GRIP6 is a sport featuring two teams racing head-to-head to complete a series of weightlifting, bodyweight and other athletic elements. GRIP6 teams must possess intense speed, explosive strength, deep strategy and precise teamwork to complete the races in the fastest possible time.

Each competition consists of 8 races. Six will be announced before the competition, the other two will be announced on the competition floor. Every eace will be totally different and have a different set of rules. Your team’s best effort is a combination of preparation, strategy, talent and team work. The stronger each of these components are, the better the team will be!

A team consists of 6 athletes: 3 men and 3 women. One team member must be 35+ years old. Each team needs a coach. Specialists thrive. Grip6 is a true team sport where each player uses their specialty. Typically there are weightlifters, gymnasts, conditioning beasts and generalists in each team.


The competition includes two levels to play:
– Box Division
– Elite Division




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